Adjusting S-Meter settings of Kenwood TM-V7E

October 10, 2008 – 1:47 pm

I bought the Dual-Band Transceiver TM-V7E and recognized that the s-meter shows only 5 of 7 lights when i was testing with a handheld on the same frequency close to the Kenwood. So i decided to adjust these settings according to the service-manual.

First this was a little confusing, but when you read this manual 3 times you’ll get it. So first you have to “build” the so-called “service-jig”. This is only short-circuiting pin 3 and 6 of the data-terminal in front of the transceiver. I used a small piece of wire that i bended around and putted in.

Next you have to press the “F-Key” and “TONE” simultaneously while powering on the transceiver. It needs an “ALL RESET” and after that you’re in the adjustment menu.

Jump to settings 4-1 for VHF low signal adjustment of the s-meter (for UHF see the service manual). According to the service manual you now need a signal generator to set these things up correctly. Unfortunately i don’t have a signal generator, so is tricked around a little. -> Unplug any antenna of the TM-V7 and use a handheld with very low output power with also no antenna attached. (I used a Yaesu VX-1R) Now hold the handheld about 1m off the TM-V7 and push the PTT. If you don’t see any s-meter lights on put the handheld a little closer to the antenna jack. If you now see some lights on, turn the ENC knob counterclockwise to reduce the settings of the s-meter threshold. (to increase – guess what ;-) )

At this point I was confused again – you don’t see any changes while turning the ENC knob – you have to turn it, and then press ENT to use these settings. (be careful, it will skip to the next step after pressing ENT – so you’re at 4-2 now! – Go back if you need to adjust more!)

Repeat this step for the VHF high-signal settings until you think the s-meter should do it’s job again. – I know this is not an accurate setup of the s-meter, but it might help some OMs to correct these settings for “home-use”. I had to repeat these steps a few times, until it was satisfying.

Let me know about your experience of adjusting some minor things like the s-meter of the TM-V7E.
Maybe you have some tips for me too. :-)

best 73s – DL8NBD

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